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The Power of Relationships in the Meetings and Events Industry: A Personal Reflection


In the dynamic world of the meetings and events industry, relationships are the foundation upon which success is built. Recent experiences, like a hard hat tour of the new Tempo by Hilton in Downtown Nashville, have reminded me of the invaluable role these connections play in our professional journeys. This article explores why relationships are so crucial in our industry, drawing from a personal encounter with a former colleague and friend whose venture in the field has reignited my belief in the power of connections.

The Journey Begins

My recent journey started with a hard hat tour of a new hotel in the vibrant city of Nashville, a place where the heartbeat of the meetings and events industry never seems to cease. I was eager to support a former colleague in her new endeavor and reminisce about the time when I was in her shoes, navigating the uncharted waters of opening a hotel in downtown Nashville.

The Power of Connection

Our day began with a delightful lunch at a charming Mexican restaurant, Blanco Cocina & Cantina, which quickly evolved into more than just a meal—it became a testament to the strength of our connection. We caught up on life, recounting how we had reached our current positions and the opportunities we had seized when life threw curveballs our way.

Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

As we reminisced about our shared experiences, I couldn't help but recall the challenges and uncertainties I had faced while opening a hotel in downtown Nashville. The journey had been riddled with unknowns, but it was precisely in such moments that resilience became our greatest ally. My former colleague's story of triumph over adversity was a powerful reminder of how important it is to adapt and persevere in our industry.

The Ripple Effect of Relationships

During our conversation, it became increasingly evident that every relationship I had cultivated throughout my career had played an essential role in my growth and eventual success. Each person had contributed in their unique way, whether it was through collaboration, mentorship, or simply being a supportive friend. The meetings and events industry thrives on these connections, as they create a network of professionals who can offer insights, share knowledge, and provide assistance when needed.

Exploring the Unknown

As we left the restaurant, the heavens opened up, and we found ourselves drenched in a torrential downpour. But the rain didn't dampen our spirits. Instead, it added an element of adventure as we donned our hard hats and vests, ready to explore the hotel under construction. Walking through the half-finished building, I witnessed the pure joy in my friend's eyes as she showed me around her new project. It was a feeling I had experienced myself many times when giving hard hat tours and witnessing the birth of something new and exciting.

Shared Excitement

During our tour, we couldn't help but get excited about the little things—the design of her office, the view from certain rooms, and even joking about parking spaces. It was a genuine display of enthusiasm that only those in our industry can truly understand. Our shared excitement reminded me of the passion and dedication that drive us to create memorable events and experiences for others.


In the meetings and events industry, relationships are the lifeblood that sustains us. My recent hard hat tour of a hotel in Nashville reinforced the importance of these connections, as I reconnected with a former colleague and friend who reminded me of the resilience required to thrive in our field. Our journey together, from a Mexican restaurant to a construction site in the pouring rain, exemplified the power of relationships in our industry. Each person we meet, each connection we forge, plays a role in our growth and success, creating a network that empowers us to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of meetings and events with confidence and enthusiasm.

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