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Pink Roof
  • How does my hotel, venue, restaurant or service sign up?"
    Review the plans and content that best fits your needs. Once selected, you make payment with a Credit Card or AHC transfer. Once payment has been submitted, fill out the easy-to-use form including as much information as possible. We will promptly review the request, contact you if we have any questions and, in most cases, have you live within 24 hours. If you need to pay by check, please contact us at
  • Do I get notified once an RFP has been sent from a planner?
    Your designated account holder(s) will be notified by email that an RFP has been submitted with all the details in the email. You will also see a notification on your dashboard. (Coming soon)
  • Can I update information about my hotel?
    Yes, and easily. Account holder(s) have 24/7 access to your dashboard where you can update your account information and listing at any time. Whenever there is something important for a planner update your listing.
  • Can leisure guests book individual rooms or reservations through the virsitour website?
    Virsitour is a B2B site only we are a sourcing and RFP management tool for group meetings and events. We have a sister company visiTravel who works exclusively with leisure travel. We utilize the same system by utilizing virtual site tours and proposals to our leisure clients so virsitour listings are seen by both.
  • How do I get an analytical report?
    Analytic reports are sent to you on a monthly basis with number or RFP’s sent, how many clicks to view your site tours and pictures as well as clicks to your social media and website links. When appropriate, we will make recommendations based on those analytics. Your dashboard will also have real time analytics. (Coming soon)
  • How do I access my payment portal?
    You can access your payment portal via your account of log on here.
  • Can sponsors be included on our virsitour listing?
    The answer is: it depends. If you have a supplier partner that is interested in sponsoring an event for your property, please reach out to we are pleased to discuss how that might be done.
  • Can I pay other than with a credit card?
    Yes. We can accept AHC payments, debit card and bank transfers through the payment portal. If you need a W9 please click here.
  • What is the standard contract length?
    The standard contract for virsitour is yearly. You are more than welcome to choose the monthly option, but feel that you need some time for your listing to gain traction and work to support your return on investment.
  • How many people can access one account?
    Each supplier gets one seat for administrative access. They can invite other teams members to share the account once set up.
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