Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AIBC 2020?

The Asia Investment and Banking Conference (AIBC) is traditionally a two-day event in Hong Kong designed to provide senior professionals, reputable academics and the brightest students with the opportunity to meet and discuss topics relating to the banking and finance industry in Asia and the world. This year, AIBC will be a three-day event held virtually on our platform vFairs.

Where and when will AIBC 2020 be held?

Due to unprecedented circumstances surrounding Covid-19, AIBC 2020 is confirmed to take place virtually.

Who is hosting AIBC 2020?

AIBC 2020 is organised by students from the London School of Economics and Political Science. You can find out more the committee here.

What can I expect at AIBC 2020?

This year’s conference will comprise keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and interactive learning sessions centred around the 3 core themes of AIBC 2020: Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Sales & Trading (S&T) and Asset Management (AM).

Who will be speaking at the AIBC 2020?

Our speakers will be senior professionals from the banking and finance industry, representing the largest and most recognised global institutions. While we confirm this year's speakers, our past speakers can be found here.

What is the conference dress code?

The conference dress code is business formal.

In light of COVID-19, will AIBC this year be held virtually?

Yes AIBC 2020 will go on as planned, but will be held virtually on our partnering platform vFairs.



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